If we’ve met, you’ve probably seen for yourself: I blush easily; I blush often; and when I blush, I blush hard. Rosy cheeks, rosacea, red wine: whatever the cause, it’s my default setting. In fact, when I fill out surveys and questionnaires, I’m often tempted to state my ethnicity as “Other: Pink.” But today, I have good reason for blushing, and with reckless abandon. Orangette has been selected as a finalist in the 2005 Food Blog Awards!

This year has seen the world of food blogs grow exponentially. I am continually in awe of the sites I stumble upon, new and old, and am honored to find myself in such good company. So I am tickled pink, quite literally, to be among the handful of finalists for our genre’s highest—and, well, only—honors. Orangette is nominated in two categories: “Best Food Blog – Reader’s Choice” and “Best Food Blog – Writing.” Voting is easy: just click here. The polls will be open until midnight (Pacific Standard Time) on January 18.

Many thanks to you, dear readers, for your faithful enthusiasm, your generous support, and most of all, your hearty appetite. Orangette would be a sad, skinny little thing if you weren’t here to join us at the table.