Year: 2006

Orangette is a finalist in the 2005 Food Blog Awards!

If we’ve met, you’ve probably seen for yourself: I blush easily; I blush often; and when I blush, I blush hard. Rosy cheeks, rosacea, red wine: whatever the cause, it’s my default setting. In fact, when I fill out surveys and questionnaires, I’m often tempted to state my ethnicity as “Other: Pink.” But today, I have good reason for blushing, and with reckless abandon. Orangette has been selected as a finalist in the 2005 Food Blog Awards!This year has seen the world of food blogs grow exponentially. I am continually in awe of the sites I stumble upon, new and old, and am honored to find myself in such good company. So I am tickled pink, quite literally, to be…

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New Year, New York

Slowly but surely, I am, it seems, taking up residence at 30,000 feet. Though I’m no jetsetter, income-wise or otherwise, my 2005—or the last eight months of it, anyway—was punctuated by take-offs and landings. The airplane has become a central part of my personal geography. Falling in love with a New Yorker will do that to a Seattlite, and to her credit card. It’s been a big year for us both. I write this from seat 17F, somewhere between Newark and Seattle, with poppy seeds from an Absolute Bagel still stuck in my teeth. It was a full weekend to end a full year: we sampled pretzel croissants at City Bakery, slurped down hot apple cider with my old friend…

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