In the time since you and I last spoke, I’ve been to New Jersey and back for my sister-in-law’s wedding and, in the name of research, have eaten a lot of New Jersey bagels and New Jersey pizza. It was hard. And while I continue to dig my way out of the giant to-do list that accumulated in my absence, I wanted to quickly remind you: tonight, a crew of musicians is performing original music inspired by my first book A Homemade Life. 8 pm! The Royal Room! 5000 Rainier Avenue South! Seattle! Come on out! The whole concept is one of the weirdest, best things I’ve ever heard of, and I can’t wait. I baked four Winning Hearts and Minds Cakes for the occasion – five, but we sort of accidentally ate one – and I’ll be there to sign books and talk a bit. High five, Bushwick Book Club! See you tonight.

P.S. I wrote a little post for the Bushwick Book Club blog in which I share what I’ve been reading and listening to lately and out myself as John Green fangirl.