Friday!  Yessssssss.

It’s just after noon, and I’m sitting in Essex, my “office” by day, with an imposing to-do list. But before I put on my blinders and get down to it, I wanted to stop by and share a few things that I enjoyed this week. It’s going to be hot (84 degrees! Sunny! HOTTTTT!) in Seattle this weekend, and weekends aren’t really our weekends, living as we do in Restaurant Land, but I have plans nonetheless to get new tires and a rack for my bike, so I can start riding to the office next week. (My last real bike ride was at 19 weeks pregnant and a very bad idea.) In any case, I hope you’ve got a great weekend ahead.

I’ve mentioned Kate Christensen’s writing before, but in case you’re not yet reading her work, please allow me to direct you to this post, which feels so… so… right. I can’t wait for her new book.

A short and funny but useful flower tutorial on the World’s End Farm blog.  I will never be known for flower arranging – ha ha ha please – but I would kill to see things, just for a second, the way Sarah does.

This post of Ganda’s took my breath away.

I want to drink this immediately.

This photo of Katie’s pointed my way to this spectacular-looking cake, and now that strawberry season has arrived in the Pacific Northwest, it’s finally time to try it.

An important piece about women, ambition, and power.  I think it’ll be on my mind for a while.

And last but not least, we’re teaming up with Book Larder to host a dinner in celebration of the new cookbook from the geniuses behind Franny’s!  July 29!  Tickets are available now!  I can’t wait.