This is my favorite photograph from our wedding. Look at those crazy kids!

Taking a romantic stroll in the alley behind someone’s apartment building! Blissing out beside the dumpsters! Oblivious to the wonky dinosaur graffiti! It was July 29, 2007, three years ago today, and we were on our way to get married. We had no idea what we might do with ourselves, or who we might become, but we had decided to do it, and become it, together. We still have no idea, and I like that. I wonder what the future will bring. I hope it involves Brandon making his Serious Face, because I’m quite fond of it.

Today is also the sixth birthday of this blog. Six. That blows my mind. Thank you for being here, whether you’ve been reading for one day, or one month, or from the beginning. I write this site because of you, and there’s no better reason. Here’s to you, and here’s to six!

(Wedding photo by Michèle M. Waite)