I’m just off the plane from a week in Oklahoma City with June and my mother, clearing out my teenage bedroom. Fun-wise, it was right up there with surgery in the pre-anesthesia era, especially my senior prom Party Pics. On the upside, Mom and I made a wonderful pea soup (only with half the amount of ham hock, and with dried herbs instead of fresh) and worked our way through approximately four bars of chocolate and an undisclosed amount of wine, and I determined (take note!!!) that the only way to handle letters from exes and otherwise is to shove them dutifully in a box and then pray it gets lost in the mail. We woke up too early every day, and I stayed up too late every night (reading We Are Called to Rise, the best novel I’ve read in a long time, and I would say that even if my editor hadn’t send it to me, though she did), and today, after my usual Wednesday admin at Essex, I was so tired that I had to stop for a three o’clock espresso, and I still yawned afterward.

But I wanted to say hi. Just felt like it.