I planted about a half dozen plants back in late May, and I don’t know how to explain it, but they’re not dead yet.  It’s difficult to describe how much that satisfies me.  I am not a gardener by any stretch of anything, but I noticed the other morning, as I was puttering around (in a pair of old bagged-out maternity leggings and a tank top that I accidentally cut a giant hole in and can now only wear for puttering), watering the plants with my Hario coffee kettle (because I have no watering can, and because I keep forgetting to buy one, and because I am obviously a very, very classy person), that it gives me inordinate pleasure to watch plants grow.  I don’t think I’ll ever call myself a gardener, but I do like to garden.  I might keep at it.  At any rate, I was glad for that realization.  I think it’s good to keep track of what makes me happy.  I like to think that’s part of what I do on this site, and why I like to keep coming back here.

Which is to say: have you read this piece about summer, written by my friend Gemma?  I’ve been feeling nostalgic about the idea of summer lately, thinking about the kinds of summers I want June to have as a kid, and what Gemma wrote made my chest tight.

I’ve also been thinking about another summer story, from The New York Times.  I never managed to have a teenage summer romance, myself – probably because I never had a teenage romance, not in any season; boo hoo hoo – but in 1965, Joyce Wadler had a one, and it was great.

Speaking of memories, a really interesting piece (and useful tips!) about writing, memory, and how to hold onto ideas.

Similarly(-ish), on keeping a notebook in the digital age.

Once you’ve read all that, you might consider rewarding yourself with a watermelon, mint, and cider vinegar tonic.  I’ve been sitting on that recipe for more than a month now, waiting for our local watermelon season.  I will wait no more.

And speaking of drinks, I am thrilled (!) to announce, last but not least, that Brandon and I are writing a cocktail column over at Food52.  It’s called Craft Cocktails, and every other week, we’ll be sharing a new recipe from Essex.  I’ve long been an admirer of Food52, its smart recipes and good style and very good people, and we are totally, totally thrilled (!) to now play a small part in it.  (Cheers, Kenzi!) Our first recipe went up yesterday afternoon, and it’s for a Campari Shandy, our unofficial Summer Drink of 2013.

Happy weekend, and bottoms up.