I mentioned last week that I had been away at a wedding, Luisa’s wedding, and a number of you wrote that you were eager to see pictures. I felt a little unsure about posting them, to be honest, because it was her wedding day and hers to share, but she says that I can go for it. Here we are.

Luisa was one of the first friends I made through blogging. I guess it was about six years ago, give or take a bit. That was when Brandon was still living in New York, and I would go there to see him every couple of months. Luisa was still living in New York then, too. She and I had exchanged e-mails, and on one of my visits, we made plans to meet. I think I remember that it was raining hard that night, and I must have been late, because I ran down the sidewalk to get there. Or maybe she did? One of us was soaked, at least. Maybe she’ll remember. But we met, and we kept in touch, and not long after, we happened to have dinner the night before Brandon proposed to me. She asked if I thought we would get married, and I said that I did, but that I had no idea when we would decide to get engaged. And then, the next afternoon, he asked me. I loved that she was a part of our story that way, and I feel lucky to have been there to watch her and Max go through the same transformation.

The wedding was almost three weeks ago, but I still find myself replaying scenes from it in my head. Maybe, as you scroll down, you’ll understand what I mean. They gave us a beautiful night and a whopper of a party. I wish them a lifetime just like it.

I’ll be back in a day or two, with a recipe.