I had a recipe post all ready to go for today, and then I woke up this morning and realized that there was something more pressing to say. That book proposal that I was working on a couple of months ago, it did its job. Because of it, I get to write a second book(!!). I’m so excited about it that my eye started twitching uncontrollably this morning, and several hours later, it’s still at it. I can hardly see straight. When a Paul Simon song came on the radio over lunch, my eye actually twitched in time to the music. This is how excitement feels: like my face is falling apart.

Yes, the official announcement came today, in Publishers Weekly, and now that I can, I had to rush over here to tell you. The book is tentatively titled Delancey, and like my first book, it’s more a story than a cookbook. It’s about a marriage, in a sense: about a man and a woman and the restaurant that they, however uncomfortably, gave birth to. It’s about what we do for the people we love. It’s about growing up. And most of all, it’s about a small business that we made with our own hands, on our own terms, and the community that came with it, a life that I had no idea would be ours.

The manuscript is due next March, and then, if all goes according to plan, it’ll be published in the spring of 2013. That date sounds so impossibly far away that somebody could almost make a sci-fi movie about it. But I hope it comes quickly.

Until then, I think we’re finished with big announcements and big changes around here. (YES!) Let’s get back to normal life. I’ll see you soon with that recipe.