Well, wow.

I hope you’ll agree that eloquence is overrated, or at times like these, anyway.


So, all that business about blushing? That, I now know, was nothing. As of today, my complexion is set to four-alarm fire, but I don’t half mind: Orangette has been chosen as the Best Overall Food Blog in the 2005 Food Blog Awards! No one could be more surprised than me. My little blog that could turns out to be a little blog that does.

Please accept, dear readers, my enormous, unwieldy gratitude for all that you have brought to Orangette: your tireless enthusiasm, your throaty cheers, your comments, your questions, your forks, your knives, your hunger, and your vote. There is really nothing to say but thank you. And thank you, and thank you. That this website has coaxed our paths into crossing is reward enough for me. The rest is just icing, no matter how delicious.

My sincerest appreciation to Kate for her tireless work on these awards, and to jurors Paul, Owen, Derrick, and Megan for their long hours and discerning taste. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners, near and far. You are a constant inspiration.