Lovely is my new favorite adjective, so benign and sweet and faux-British.

And so, lovely things on Saturday, July 31:

-Four heads of baby lettuce (two green oakleaf and one red, plus one unidentified variety with perky burgundy leaves) for $3 at the U District farmers’ market

-An heirloom tomato sandwich for lunch: thick slices of green zebra with S & P and a healthy swipe of mayo on toasted sprouted-wheat bread. So drippy, so delicious. I was almost reduced to slurping.

-85% dark chocolate from A la Petite Fabrique in Paris. I may have complained about my 66-pound suitcase, but now that my schlepping is done, I have no regrets about having bought 17 bars of chocolate. None.

Six Feet Under is so very clever and well-written. Inspired by Liz and Doron and their obsessive West Wing­-ing, I rented disc one of season one of SFU and gorged myself on three episodes after dinner.

Happy summer.